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Ok, I got it

1. whats your favorite passtime
read books
buy clothes
drive fast cars
help people
build cars

Eclipse is to be released on June 30 2010!
How swwwweeeett is that?

welll... this has been a boring week and i dont really know what to say about it, but that a lot has gone on in the twilight week. Including the new twilight calender :O
*smile* *smile* [=
    also school and basketball has been crazy no to mention carnival week and my brothers hockey. i havent had much time to work on this... not that it's THAT good anyway but the twilight pages are almost done.
well today was BORING, and thats why im making this site.
just to say all of the bios are from(and linked) to wikki.
I was home all day because of a snow day so everything sucked!~
tomorow is superhero/hobo day(class theme day) in winter carnival. we also have Jaris on wednesday and i am very excited.
If your a twilight fan cheak out the links on the twilight page i only have a few there right now but i should have more soon. And if your like me and are a krazy fan get the podcast on itunes from the "twilight series theroies" site its REALLY good. And the new moon website has everything thats coming out about the movie from day to day, its quite amazing how fast it goes up!

love and such